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A prime minister's dairy

CappelenDamm - 2016

Sometimes, beeing a prime minister stinks.

And nobody knows that better than Erna Solberg.

A prime ministers dairy is the dairy Norwegian Prime minister Erna Solberg would have written if she had the time.

Brows the book (in Norwegian):

En statsministers dagbok

The Boogyman

CappelenDamm - 2015

Knut Nærum and Forfatterne bak have written a parody over Jo Nesbø's books about detective Harry Hole. The hero is more worn out, Oslo is more dirty and the violence is almost as extreme. 
Brows the book (in Norwegian). 



Forfatterne bak have  been involved in the following projects: Egentlig, NRK Alltid moro, Hallo i uken, Borettslaget, Hege og Kjersti, Melonas, Hege og Holmen, Først og sist and a much more.

Together with others we have also worked on: Verdens beste SFO, Uhu! Barnas supershow, Kometkameratene, Da Kork kom til bygda, Løvebakken, Adresse København, Sommeråpent, Bla bla bla, Hurra for Andersen, Offshore, Soria Moria, Amanda, Komiprisen, Idrettsgallaen, Brageprisen – and several books.

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