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:what we do

Forfatterne bak is a production company which delivers creative content for TV, movies, stage, books and businesses. 

Vi er en samarbeidspartner som tar ansvar for å levere materiale av svært høy kvalitet og sikrer gjennomføringen av innholdsproduksjonen fra idé til ferdig produkt. Vi leverer både manus og kreativ produksjonsledelse.


Our speciality is comedy and satire, but we work within all genres.

Our prime work is: 

:Developement (Both own and others ideas)

:Scriptwriting/ screenwriting

:Script doctoring/ consulting

:Head creative processes, including creative producer, show-runner and script editor.


If you are looking for a complete series, a script/ screenplay or maybe just some hours with a writer, we will be able to help you.


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